Yoga-Poses-To-Increase-Mobility-CrossFit-HomewardCrossFit athletes require mobility in order to feel great during their workouts and decrease the likelihood of injury or strain. This mobility can come from a number of different stretches and movements, but supplementing your CrossFit workouts with yoga provides the perfect amount of stretch and pull for any CrossFitter to give their body the movement it needs.

Child’s Pose

As one of the simpler yoga poses, child’s pose offers plenty of hip-opening benefits while also relaxing the spine and neck. To perform, simply sit on your heels, bringing your torso forward and rest your head on the ground in front of you. Extend your arms out in front of you to deepen the stretch.

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose opens the hips which are vital to many CrossFit exercises and often overlooked. Begin on all fours, then take your right knee to your right hand while pushing your left leg back. Square your hips and lay flat, your chest should be laying on your right calf. Repeat on the other side.

Downward Facing Dog

This popular pose opens the calves and increases circulation. From a standing position, place your hands at your feet, then walk them out until you’re in an inverted V formation. Pedal your legs to engage your calves and really deepen the stretch.

Cobra Pose

Cobra is a simple pose with many benefits that opens the back, neck, and shoulders. To perform, lie flat on the floor and press your palms to the floor right next to your chest. Push up, bringing your head and chest to a raised position, leaving your legs flat on the floor.

If you’re feeling tight or strained after your CrossFit workouts, give these poses a try to open your body up and prevent injury in the future. Once you’ve got the standard poses down, you can start to explore with more positions that make you even more mobile going forward!

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