The-Importance-of-Recovery-CrossFit-HomewardWhen you start a workout regimen like CrossFit, it can be pretty easy, especially for those competitive members, to forget about rest and recovery in your daily routine. Proper recovery is vital to success in your workouts, however, and should always be top of mind before and after your WOD. Proper recovery can aid in your mobility, the odds of you becoming injured, and your soreness and physical fatigue as you move forward in your program.

Injury Prevention

When you don’t properly recover, your muscles can quickly become tight and fatigued, meaning that not only are they more likely to get injured during a future workout, they’re also less likely to allow you to perform exercises with proper form and handling. Weak, sore arms may result in a lower back injury due to an improper lift as you never know exactly how your body’s compensation techniques are going to affect other parts of you.

Mobility Moving Forward

If you are recovering correctly after each workout, you’ll find yourself capable of even more than you were before. The added mobility will allow you to lift better and more fluidly, as well as result in less soreness post-workout. Taking the time to recover and stretch can be an added benefit as you also get stronger and more fit.

How to Recover

Recovery can take many forms, but for CrossFit athletes in particular, there are certainly some favorites that come up time and time again. Foam rolling pre- or post-workout is one great way to make sure your legs are given the attention they need. An Epsom salt bath can help with next-day soreness after a particularly tough workout. Don’t forget, sleep and two or three days off are the best ways to make sure your body is recovering properly!

When you recover properly and take the time off you need, your body pays you back in your abilities and rejuvenated muscles the next time you work out. Listen to your body, and if you’re feeling tired, make sure not to push yourself too far beyond what you should be doing!

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