Taking-Care-of-Your-Hands-During-CrossFit-CrossFit-HomewardCrossFit, like many workouts, can really take a toll on your hands. Every pull-up, burpee, and handstand walk takes the moisture out of your hands and can leave them battered and torn up. Sometimes these minor injuries can even go so far as to take you out of the next WOD when torn hands get to be too painful to lift properly.

Don’t let your hand care fall to the wayside during your CrossFit workouts. There are ways that you can protect them both inside and outside of the gym in order to make certain you’re coming back day after day to give it your best every time.

Use athletic tape.

Athletic tape can be a game-changer when it comes to protecting your hands during a workout or when you get a cut or tear that threatens to take you out of commission. Covering spots that are pressure points for lifts can do wonders for preventative care!

Shave if necessary.

Sometimes calluses can get to a point that it’s no longer comfortable to workout, so shave them down if you need to. The Ped Egg is a great tool for this and can help form your hands to make sure your calluses aren’t going to tear or rip.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Whether you’re new to CrossFit or you’re a veteran, moisturizing is a great preventative and reparative way to keep your hands from getting too torn up. Find an unscented lotion to use during the day or at night and you’ll easily keep your hands smooth.

Your hands are vital to any workout, and keeping them from ripping or tearing is a common but preventable problem. Great hand care ultimately leads to great performance in the gym, so keep up with one and you’ll be happy with your results in the other.

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