Supplementing-Your-CrossFit-Workout-CrossFIt-HomewardCrossFit is one of the greatest workout options out there. It provides variety, creates a community, and helps you to get stronger, lose weight, gain muscle, or whatever your fitness goals happen to be. That being said, there are many great ways to supplement your CrossFit regimen out there that can help you become a better, more well-rounded athlete.


In order to ensure you prevent as much injury and overuse as possible, it’s important to make sure you’re limber and flexible. Yoga or pilates are two great ways to supplement your CrossFit regimen in order to stretch your muscles and prevent injury. Plus, a hot yoga class can help you sweat out toxins and make sure that you’re ready to go for your next WOD.


If you have access to a private or community pool, swimming can be a great cardio addition to your regimen. Not only does it provide great cardio exercise, but it’s also low-impact and a great full-body workout. If you don’t have the desire to run or use the elliptical, swimming is an excellent alternative to some of the cardio mainstays.


Whether you try to do a HIIT workout at CrossFit Homeward’s Endurance class or on your own during an open gym, it’s an important part of your exercise schedule that works your muscles in different ways than CrossFit. If you’re used to lifting big and breaking PRs, give the fast-paced, lower-weight HIIT class a try to see just how challenging it can be!

To find out more about CrossFit Homeward’s Endurance class, or the CrossFit workouts we offer, contact us today! We’ll make sure your workouts are well-rounded in order to make you the best athlete you can possibly be.