Adult & Youth Classes

CrossFit Homeward provides individualized coaching, scalable programming and a welcoming environment for everyone regardless of experience level, age, physical ability, or fitness goals. We offer both youth and adult classes. Youth programs place equal emphasis on overall fitness and sports performance training for young athletes. The adult programs follow CrossFit programming written by our own highly qualified coaches. Workouts are designed to help every member improve their abilities, no matter their fitness level.


Our CrossFit program incorporates metabolic conditioning and linear strength protocols to enhance the fitness level of each of our members. This program emphasizes quality of movement and skill development in order to safely guide a member towards their next goal. Once the fundamentals have been developed, this program provides a clear path to your first pull-up (or 10!), your next snatch PR, and overall progress in your fitness journey.


Our Endurance program combines functional strength with high-intensity interval training to improve performance in long duration and distance activities like running, biking, rowing, etc. Class workouts are designed to develop full-body strength at high-rep ranges and boost cardiovascular capacity. The program also includes accessory and mobility exercises to reduce injury risk, decrease recovery time, and increase lean muscle mass.


Barbell classes are dedicated to developing overall strength for the Olympic and power lifts. Whether you are a beginner or experienced lifter, we will help you increase your 1-rep max by improving your technique, efficiency, and power output. This program includes specific, periodized class workouts that will transfer to CrossFit, help prepare you to compete on the platform, or take you one step further to reaching your goals!


Sports Performance Training (SPT) provides effective, age-appropriate and fun sessions for boys and girls. SPT focuses on strength and conditioning to supplement sport-specific training that youth athletes receive. The program emphasizes unilateral stabilization, strength and power to ensure that athletes develop proper movement patterns and avoid injury. The program also allows youth athletes to gain confidence in strength training that will carry through to their adult lives.


CrossFit Homeward offers a variety of baseball camps throughout the year aimed to provide high-level, sport-specific coaching to athletes hoping to pursue baseball at the collegiate level. We have partnered with the best in the area to provide training to our youth athletes. Patrick Currin provides camps and Rocky Coyle is available for hitting lessons for local teams.

We have two, 75’x30′ indoor baseball cages available for both private and team rentals. Rental cost is $75/hour. Please contact [email protected] with inquiries.