CrossFit Homeward is filled with the most wonderful members ever.  They are kind, encouraging, supportive, loving, and hardworking.  Every month, we attempt to highlight one of our members.  This gives us an opportunity to learn even more about the people we get to laugh with, sweat alongside, and share life with every day.  Read on to get to know your fellow athletes a little better.   If you are interested in being highlighted or nominating another member for the spotlight, please contact us at [email protected].

Member Spotlight

January 2019

Buzz Sztukowski

Hey Buzz!  We are so happy to recognize you as our first Spotlight Member of the year.  So let’s get started and cover some of the basics:

  • Age: 63 yrs old.  My birthday is January 7th, and everyone is invited to my burpee party.
  • Occupation:  Healthcare consultant.  I’m a former healthcare executive who left the corporate world in 2014 and began consulting with former colleagues.  Our expertise is helping innovative companies in the development and commercialization of InVitro Diagnostics with a specialty in oncology.  We love what we do and aspire to servant leadership.
  • Where are you from:  I’m originally from St. Louis, with stops in Chicago, Kansas City . Arrived in Chapel Hill in 2002 as part of a corporate move.  I would have gotten here sooner if I could.

Have you played sports in the past:  Competitive soccer, currently – hiking (AT thru-hike 2015), back packing, camping, fly-fishing, cycling…I’m interested in anything self-propelled and outdoors.

How long have you done Crossfit:  Started in June 2018.

How did you hear about Crossfit:  I was looking for something to increase my condition and saw the sign in the mall.

What made you take the plunge:  My goals required me to increase my conditioning.

What has Crossfit done for you:  It has helped prepare me for my first 14er hike to the top of Graves Peak in Colorado with energy to support our first child’s wedding and chase trout in mountain streams.

What is your favorite movement?  What is your least favorite:  No favorite.  I enjoy the variety.

How about your favorite Crossfit moment thus far:  Knowing that I’ve successfully gotten through one of Michelle’s boot camps.

What is your least favorite moment:  Walking out the door to get there.  That’s the hardest part.

What would you tell others about Crossfit:  Fun, physically the most I get out of an hour of activity, prepares me for my goals – physical and mental.  Great camaraderie and interesting people.  Family friendly.  It’s great to see kids there with their parents.

Why Crossfit Homeward:  The people – owners and trainers are excellent.  Flexible to work with my schedule, always, always make sure I’m using the correct technic and push me to be my best.  My training mates are supportive and encouraging.

What are your interests outside of Crossfit:  Family, friends, contemplative time, consulting business, my hobbies (above), food and wine!

And before we let you go, how about a few extra credit questions (purely optional):

What’s your CrossFit/Gym schedule (classes and time you most often try to take):  Try to attend 5 days a week and make every boot camp.

Any Fitness highlights you would like to humble brag about that you’ve accomplished thus far:  Made it to the top of my 14er on 9/15.

Any Fitness goals you are working toward:  A pull up and to be better every year.

Where can we find you on the Net (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.):  I have a Facebook page but not very active.

Any work/causes/affiliations that you would like to promote:  SECU house, Scholarship endowment at Fontbonne University (St. Louis), Rotary Club of East Chapel Hill, Appalachian Trail Conservancy