Get-Ahead-of-the-Curve-at-Camp-CrossFit-HomewardAt CrossFit Homeward, we offer a variety of camps to help your child learn a skill or sport. These camps are designed to give attention to the specific fundamentals and techniques that make up each of their subjects and help kids dive into learning the basics and improving their skills.

Currently, we offer:

Lacrosse Camps

If your child has shown an interest in lacrosse, our lacrosse camps are right for them! We focus on three main areas: footwork and dodging, shooting fundamentals, and box lacrosse concepts. We work with kids over the course of 3-4 weeks and provide different strength and agility work to kids of different ages. Agility is also a focus of lacrosse, and another target we hit during the three or four week period.

CrossFit Teen Camps

CrossFit is amazing for all ages, which is why we offer teens the option of completing a CrossFit camp. Instead of just hour-long classes, we’re able to give teens the individual attention they deserve in order to hone their skills and work on strength and metabolic aspects of CrossFit. These camps tend to run one week and are a great entry point for those looking to learn more about CrossFit!

Baseball Camps

Much like our lacrosse camps, our baseball camps offer specific skill-based training to all attendees, and these methods and techniques are honed by age group. These camps are ideal for those high-level athletes looking to pursue collegiate level baseball scholarships, and can help refine their skills with some of the best coaches around!

If you’re interested in finding out more about kid and teen camp sessions, or what other things we offer at CrossFit Homeward, contact us today. We’re available to help you or your kids learn CrossFit and lacrosse, or help home the skills of your baseball champ. Find out more today!