Fitness-and-Weightlifting-in-Youth-Athletics-CrossFit-HomewardAthletics play a huge role in the life of most teens, as they decide which sport they would like to play to keep active and exercise through middle school and high school. With these sports, the importance of focusing on fitness and injury prevention is vital, especially in this important growth period of a teen’s youth.

So, what role should fitness and weightlifting play in youth athletics, and what benefits does it provide to those who keep up with their programming?

Prevents Injury

Participating in youth athletics without being physically prepared can result in overuse and injury. When athletes train in their downtime, they’re less likely to become injured as they have improved flexibility and strength. Preparing for the worst can often lead to the best results.

Increases Performance

Cross training in addition to any sport can help youth to become stronger in areas outside of the ones they normally use for their sport. This can help promote overall strength, flexibility, and a well-rounded athlete that will lead to better performance on the field.

Supports Healthy Growth

As kids and teens grow, it’s important that they become proportionate and develop fully. Regular physical activity like youth athletics ensures that they will continue to grow in a proportionate and balanced way.

Promotes Exercise Habits

When kids routinely participate in athletics, they learn the importance of being active and exercising regularly, instead of focusing on TV or video games. Though those things are fine for kids in small doses, promoting exercise over sedentary activities leads to better health in the long run.

At CrossFit Homeward, we offer CrossFit Kids classes, as well as youth sports performance training to ensure that, even in the off-season, kids and teens are working hard to improve their athletic ability. To find out more about what our programs entail, contact us today!