Debunking-Weightlifting-Myths-for-Women-CrossFit-HomewardWhen women think of weightlifting, their thoughts often come with a fear of getting too bulky or not burning enough calories to be effective. Women who are looking to shed pounds generally tend to stick to cardio or HIIT classes in order to lose the most amount of weight. While these two exercise styles certainly have their benefits, weightlifting has some surprising elements that make it a viable option for women who are looking to look and feel their best.

Myth 1: Weightlifting will make you too bulky.

Obviously, bodybuilders who are looking to put on pounds of muscle stick to weightlifting as their primary exercise, making them bulky and huge. For men and women who are just trying to stay fit, regular weightlifting and protein intake aren’t going to add the pounds like it would for those training specifically to add weight. Even when you are lifting heavier weights, the amount you would need to lift and eat is much larger than the average person, and putting on weight would mean a huge change to your diet and lifestyle.

Myth 2: You only really need light weights.

While lighter weights are a great start to learning good form and technique, heavier weights are going to help you get the most out of your training. If you aren’t challenging yourself to lift heavier, you’re going to reach a plateau where lifting light weights is no longer beneficial, meaning you won’t make much progress after that.

Myth 3: Weightlifting won’t help me reach my running goals.

If you’re training for any sort of race and sticking only to cardio, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Cross-training is going to prepare you and your muscles in ways that only running can’t. Weightlifting aids aerobic output and performance, and developing lean muscle mass will help you cross the finish line faster.

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