CrossFit-Terms-to-Know-Before-Your-First-Class-CrossFit-HomewardMaking the choice to start a CrossFit program (or even just attend a free first class) is the first step in changing your workout routine and, ideally, your life. Though you’re well on your way to learning a lot about the workouts and terminology, here’s a handy primer of CrossFit terms to know before your first class. If you look these over before you step foot in the gym, hopefully you’ll feel more comfortable for your first workout.

WOD – the WOD is the “workout of the day” and includes all of the things you’ll be doing in class. Though there are certain universally structured WODs, every gym has a different WOD on regular days.

AMRAP – “as many reps (or rounds) as possible” means you’ll be doing as many reps of an exercise as you can within a specific timeframe.

EMOM – “every minute on the minute” means you’ll be doing a certain number of reps at the start of every minute.

Rx – just like with medication, Rx means “prescribed”. If you complete a workout “as prescribed”, it means you did the exact amount of weights and reps that the workout called for, without modifying anything.

Hero WOD – a hero WOD is a workout named after a specific, real-life person. For instance, a very popular hero WOD that’s done every Memorial Day weekend is Murph, which is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murph who was killed in Afghanistan in 2006.

With these basic terms under your belt, you should be able to breeze through your first class and hopefully learn some more terms and exercises along the way. If you’d like to know more about what CrossFit is all about, as well as how you can get started, contact us today at CrossFit Homeward, and we’ll work with you to help you begin your journey into CrossFit.