Competition Corner is where we attempt to give a peek into the world of one of our members who is taking the leap, going out, and putting it on the line as they contend with other athletes and/or teams in order to improve their own athletic skills and to evaluate objectively how they match up against their peers but more importantly achieving their own goals and expectations.

Becky Payne

Alright Becky, we really appreciate you giving us some of your time so that we might get to know you better.  Could you tell us a bit about yourself:

Hi there! I’m Becky, a 28-year old grad student at UNC (School of Public Health) who likes to pop in to the 6 & 7 AM classes, with a few dabbles in the afternoon from time to time.

I got my start in Crossfit in August 2013 in my hometown in Indiana, and have worked out at the same gym there on and off as I’ve moved away and returned throughout the years.

I love travel, so between the moving abroad and the visiting of friends I’ve also been a member at Crossfit gyms in Paris & Cairo, and have dropped in to gyms all over.  I took a year off when I first got to Chapel Hill to focus on healing up a bum shoulder and improving basic strength & stability through functional training, but really missed that community vibe, so I joined Homeward last June to find it again.

(Mission accomplished!)

And What/Where/When is this big race in which you are competing: 

I will be competing in the Smoky Mountain Relay from April 26-27.  It’s a 206-mile race for teams of 12.  Each leg has a different length, but if things were divvied up evenly across runners, we’d be doing just over 17 miles each.

Terrific, is this your first time or are you a grizzled veteran:

First time!  I’ve done some obstacle course races in the past (Spartans, Bone Frogs, and a Warrior Dash for kicks) but never just a straight running challenge.

What have you been doing to train for it:

Thank goodness for the Tarheel 10 Miler running group!

It’s been really hard for me to get in solid running on top of regular workouts, school, and my job, but having this time set aside each Sunday with challenging workouts already programmed by Michael, along with his programming for individual work throughout the week, has been amazing. Nothing like a group full of accountabili-buddies to keep you on track!

What have you liked best about preparing:

The group that shows up on Sundays is really supportive and welcoming of everyone who comes, and as we all know, suffering together somehow makes the suffering more bearable.

What has sucked the most:

I feel like my calves are constantly SO tight and sore on Mondays. I feel like I’m walking around campus so gingerly!

How do you feel about the race:

I’m pumped to be putting effort into my endurance again, because pre-student life I had a pretty good internal engine, which I’ve missed.

But because I am so busy now, I’m incredibly nervous that I won’t be prepared enough or be able to build up my distance sufficiently.

I know I’ll survive one way or another, but I want to have a good experience and be a valuable part of my team!

What brought you to Homeward: 

Having been in this game for a while, I am VERY picky about my gyms and the people I let coach me. Coming into Homeward last summer, my first couple of classes with Michael & Faith told me that the coaches here are knowledgeable not just about movements, but about how the body functions, and how to keep the body SAFE.

I want to challenge & push myself, but I want it to be through smart programming and in an environment where someone cares about my health & progress more than my score, at the end of the day. As a bonus, the 6 AM group welcomed me with open arms and good humor!

Who are you outside of the gym: 

Sadly, being a grad student doesn’t leave a TON of time for anything else, but in two months I’m looking forward to getting back to being a nice balance of nerdy, adventurous, semi-social, and well-rested! I’d like to get outdoors more often, read for pleasure, bake carb-y things I should not eat, and spend time connecting with the wonderful people in my life. Look for my face at the gym more often as my schedule frees up!

Thank so much for the fun and informative peek into your current endeavor!

Make sure you take the time to wish Becky well and send encouragement her way.  If you want to follow her competition adventure or simply connect with her, you can find her on Facebook.