Choosing-the-Right-CrossFit-Gym-for-You-CrossFit-HomewardDeciding where you’d like to get your workouts in is a pretty serious choice. People who are dedicated to their workouts spend 4-5 days a week at the gym, and you definitely want to make sure that it’s a place that’s benefitting you in a way that you need. Whether it’s a CrossFit box that’s serious about the workouts or a place that offers a welcoming community, there are certain aspects of a box that can play into choosing which one is right for you.

Analyze the Space

There isn’t a “right” answer to how big a CrossFit box should be, and there are certainly successful boxes that offer a small space with just the right amount of equipment. Take a look around and see the functionality and movement of classes, as well as the space, athletes have to complete the workout.

Meet the Coaches

Whether you meet them in person or read up on their profiles online, the coaches make a huge difference in your experience at one box over another. Usually, the gym’s website will have the coaches profiles, as well as their experience and accreditations, so you can find out exactly who you’ll be learning from.

Find a Community

If community and friendship is something you’re looking for in a box, take note of what’s being offered at the one you’re trying out. Are there happy hours or events where the members can get to know each other? Don’t rule CrossFit out as a great way to meet people!

Try it Out

If you’re uncertain about a place and they offer a free trial, don’t be afraid to give it a shot! Nothing is going to give you the experience of working out at a certain gym better than actually taking a class. Don’t feel too pressured to sign up, just be honest about your intentions to try them out and then get a great workout in!

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