#AMAAP with Ashley Kretsch

Welcome to our CrossFit Homeward “Get To Know Ya!” Game Show – The AMAAP (As Many Answers As Possible). Sometimes we get bored of basic, so why not dig a little deeper and even sideways into our members personalities. The object of this game is to complete as many answers as possible (or you feel comfortable with tackling) – you are definitely free to skip questions or only answer the ones you like. It’s all for FUN.

Our contestant for today is the lovely Ms. Ashley Kretsch.

Alright! Let’s get started in 5..4..3..2..1…

What are your top 5 gym bag items?

headphones, snacks, goggles (still…), water bottle, coffee

What would your SuperHero power be (example: flight, invisibility, super strength)?

i can always breath (underwater, high altitude)

Most likely to NOT want to do?


What would be your Gym Entrance music?

Let’s Go! – Trick Daddy

What is your weirdest trait?

i remember numbers (and WODs) super easily

Favorite lift?

  • JERK

Favorite Workout Day and Time?

Thursday 7am!

What scares you the most?


If you could add any piece of equipment (cost not an issue) to the gym, what would it be?


What was the last thing that you binge watched online or on television?

The final season of New Girl

When is your Birthday?


Who inspires you?

badass boss women

Which Benchmark Workout are you dying to do?

  • GRACE [30 Reps: Clean and Jerk @135/95#]

Would like to try:


What accomplishment (in or out of the gym) are you most proud of?

Getting my PhD (in a few months)

Favorite Hero WOD

  • GLEN [30 Clean & Jerks (135/95#), 1 mile run, 10 rope climbs (15ft), 1 mile run, 100 burpees]

What type of athlete do you consider yourself as:


Five (5) Adjectives you would use to describe yourself:

Excited, Endurance, Nerdy, Positive

Where is your dream vacation spot?

Take me back to the Galapagos!

These questions:

  • Were wonderful and made my day!
  • Go back to the drawing board Social Media person!
  • I was so confused???
  • Whatever!

Hey Ashley, thanks for being such a wonderful sport and giving us a small peek into your psyche. Can we follow you on Social Media and/or is there some personal or business website, organization or cause you would like for us to check out?

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