About Us


Chapel Hill’s Fitness Destination

Our mission is to provide strategic and highly effective training programs to both adults and youth in our community. We want to make fitness accessible for all, regardless of skill level, athletic ability, gender, skin color, or any other identifying features. We strive to serve a diverse group of people through our programs.

After years of wonderful experience training in other gyms, working with other coaches, and gaining extensive knowledge, Donna Benjamin, owner of CrossFit Homeward, developed the idea of a perfect CrossFit gym that not only promotes constantly varied fitness, but also is dedicated to serving the community. In November 2016, Donna opened CrossFit Homeward, Chapel Hill’s Fitness Destination.

Combining both personal experience and values, CrossFit Homeward brings together all the best practices in fitness and a commitment to improve our communities. We pride ourselves on four essential components: Community, Coaches, Programming, and Facility.

We are dedicated to the community through support, service, and affordability. CrossFit Homeward provides a safe and welcoming environment for our members. We offer some of the lowest rates for CrossFit memberships in the area but also offer affordable payment plans for those in need. Outside of the gym, we are committed to serving the Chapel Hill community. CrossFit Homeward has provided financial support for four local school districts. We have donated over $50,000 to disadvantaged athletes, local Public-School Foundations, SKAJAJA, local SPCA, Special Olympics, and others.

Our coaches are the best in the area because of their extensive knowledge of sport, experience as high-level athletes, and ability to communicate and coach effectively. Passionate about sport and the community, our coaches make every class fun and motivating, but also challenging.

All class workouts are scaleable, meaning they can be modified based on skill level making it safe and effective for both beginners and elite competitors. Current or former competitive athlete? Get a great workout utilizing the skills you do have while developing the ones you don’t. No experience with fitness? We will help you build the strength, speed, endurance, coordination, and confidence to reach your goals.

We understand that everyone in our community is an individual with unique goals and needs. Our coaches write programming with individuals in mind. Additionally, we are not interested in fads or trends. We base all of our programming on science and current research.

Our facility features 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor space including a 1,000 square foot turf and two indoor baseball cages. We have a wide variety of equipment, everything needed for CrossFit, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and general sports performance training.

If you haven’t been to a gym that feels like home, come to CrossFit Homeward. Our community, coaches, and general atmosphere will make you feel welcome. We invite all new, prospective members to join us for a free week of classes!


Meet Our Coaches

Yani Lyons

Owner, CrossFit Coach, and Head Coach of Youth Girls Program


Sage Holley

CrossFit Coach and
Head of Youth Program and Manager


Victoria Bliss

Mobility Coach


Donna Benjamin

CrossFit Coach and CFH Founder


Elijah Urquhart

CrossFit Coach


Wes Kaczmarek

CrossFit Coach