Competition Corner: Amber Pace

Competition Corner is where we attempt to give a peek into the world of one of our members who is taking the leap, going out, and putting it on the line as they contend with other athletes and/or teams in order to improve their own athletic skills and to evaluate objectively how they match up against their peers but more importantly achieving their own goals and expectations.

Hello Amber Pace!  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m originally from Raleigh and graduated from UNC with a BA in Public Policy. Tar Heel born and bred. I have lived in Washington, DC, Hartford, CT and most recently Chicago, IL for almost 4 years. I recently moved back home to go back to school full-time to obtain my MBA from my alma mater, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

We’ve seen you around the gym individually training hard. What’s the deal with that?

Granite Games – An annual national competition that brings together athletes from all over the nation (and some international) to compete over 3-4 days. September 7-9 St. Cloud, MN (the Granite City)

Wow, that’s awesome!  Do you have prior experience with the Granite Games: 1st time or Veteran?

This will be my second time competing at the Granite Games on a team of 3.

What have you been doing to train for it?

I have been training all year, since the last GG. I spent many months building up my strength and dialing in technique on gymnastic skills. I have also started with a nutritionist to ensure that I am eating to perform. Over the past month, I have ramped up conditioning in order to prepare the volume of the intense weekend.

What have you like best in regards to preparing?

I’ve enjoyed the overall process of getting stronger.

What has sucked the most?

Injuries. I’ve had to deal with some nagging tweaks and injuries along the way which has made it difficult to increase weight.

How do you feel about it (excited/anxious/nervous)?

Excited to see my friends from Chicago and be around the other athletes and compete with some of the best. I’m always anxious before the first event, but that will soon go away.

What brought you to Homeward?

When I moved from Chicago to the Chapel Hill area, one of the first things on my to do list was to find a box. I dropped in at Homeward with the intent to drop into other gyms, but I immediately felt a sense of community within Homeward and joined the next week.

Who are you outside of the gym?

I don’t understand the question — what life outside of the gym?! I’m a full-time student which takes up most of my time when I’m not at the gym.

You can checkout how Amber (and her team) are doing on the Leaderboard at the Granite Games website.  Her team is “M DOUBLE A” competing in the Female Scaled Team division.

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