Friday, June 1, 2018

5min Mobility-focus on adductors and calves

Foot Tug of War (instructions below)
2 Rounds
8 Cossack Squats
8 Deadbugs

*Foot Tug-of-War
-hip flexor activation drill, partner A lays on back with knees in squat position.
Partner B holds heels and provides resistance as A pulls knees to chest in squat pattern
-helps athlete stay more upright in deep squat

5 Rounds (time cap=18min)
5 Back Squats
40m Sprint
5 Sumo DL
200m Run
Rest 1min

4 Rounds
ME Handstand Hold (scale to Wall Walk hold or Pike Hold)
20m Plank Walk with feet on sliders (be sure athlete keeps butt down)
:30s Squat Hold

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