Saturday, May 5, 2018

With a partner:

Amrap 10
Partner A: Amrap wall ball
Partner B: 200m run/250m row
Switch after run/row
Score=# of wall Balls

Rest 2min

Amrap 8
Partner A: Amrap power clean
Partner B: 120m Sprint
Switch after sprints
Score= weight x reps of pwr cleans

Rest 2min

Amrap 6
Partner A: Amrap bar-facing burpees
Partner B: 10 dips
Switch after dips

Immediately after 6min Amrap, both partners perform a tether-run* 1 mile.

*Tether-run= both partners hold a rope/band/towel while running (think holding hands without having to touch each other’s sweat). Bonus points awarded to those who run while actually holding hands, skip, and/or sing (example-tralalala) during the entirety of the run.

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