Open Season is Upon Us!

Congratulations everyone, you made it through Open Prep Season. That is definitely some of the most grueling work to get through-luckily, you won’t have to do again for about another year!

Now we all get to participate in Open Season! Open season is a TON of fun, it is all about those Open workouts which means the regular week programming is a little bit more laid back and focused on making sure you are at peak performance on Saturdays (or whatever day you perform the workout).

There are a few things to be conscious of when approaching the next 5 weeks. Primarily, take care of yourself! There is nothing worse than having a torn hand while trying to do 100 pull ups in the Open or bombing out of a long workout because you were dehydrated. Some big things to make sure you focus on are:


  1. Hand care! Shave down those calluses so you don’t rip!!!!! There are a million different methods of callus care on the market. The easiest is a pumice stone after you shower and then lotion at night. I know Coach Ashley swears by her callus shaver ( and I love my Sandbar (

  2. Nourish yourself! This should be year round but is definitely important if you want to stay ready to take on those long WODs. Make sure your intake of carbs, protein, fats, and micronutrients are high enough to support your activity levels. Many CrossFitters are busy individuals and it is really easy to forget to eat during the day-don’t let that happen! Also, be sure you eat enough around your workout times. Carbs and protein are necessary right before big workouts (although make sure it’s not too close to the workout, you don’t want anything coming back up) to help support high intensity training! If you are unsure about how much (or what) you should be eating talk to one of your coaches, hire a dietician, or look into one of the really cool online services that many CrossFitters use. Some that have great reviews are Renaissance Periodization, Avatar Nutrition, and Working Against Gravity.

  3. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! This (along with adequate sleep) is one of the most overlooked part of athletic self-care. Here is a nifty hydration guideline to look over ( Remember, hydration matters throughout the day-not just when you are working out!

  4. Sleep! As mentioned above, this is one of the most overlooked aspect of recovery and  athletic self-care. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and make sure your sleep is restful-stay away from screens right before bed and make sure your bedroom is as quiet as possible. Let your busy brain power down.

  5. Mobilize! Make sure your range of motion is as good as it can be and you have control in your range of motion. Foam roll, stretch, come to Coach Sarah’s Durability classes, do those banded exercises you are always told to do. If sometime is hurting or doesn’t feel right-schedule a session with one of our in-house Physical Therapists, Fascial Stretch Therapist, and/or Massage Therapists! Don’t let an ache turn into an injury.

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