Thursday, January 4, 2018

Evening classes are cancelled tonight (Thurs 1/4). Some areas around the gym have started snowing again and we are worried about roads icing over when the sun sets. To make sure our coaches stay safe, we are erring on the side of caution. 


***Homies-we will be running the regular morning schedule. Coach Donna will drive in with her tank for the 6am and coach all morning.

That being said (or rather typed), please be safe when deciding whether or not to drive in the morning. We don’t want you to risk your safety!

If the weather takes a turn and becomes worse-Donna will post to the facebook page ( ) if she does not feel safe getting to the gym and will cancel if needed.***

Snatch 12 x 1 @ 70+%

Rest as needed

Clean + Jerk 12 x 1 @ 70+%

12 Ring Dips
12 KB Swings
12 Burpees

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