Thursday, January 18, 2018

Based on the levels of snow the area has accumulated, we are going to go ahead and cut down the class schedule tomorrow. Coach Donna is going to host a class at 9am and be there until 11 for Open Gym access. So, come in and work out during that time if you feel safe driving.

If driving in snow is not your thing-your workout is to come up with the most creative or awe inspiring snurpees you can. Think-100 snurpees in your underwear, getting your whole block to join in, or see if you can out-creative Sarah and her Hulk Smash Snurpees!

Tomorrow’s WOD:

3 Rounds:
40m Side-Shuffle
200m Sprint
30 DU

Deadlift 7 x 4 @ 80%

Goblet Squats
C2B Pullups

Optional Cashout:
3 Rounds:
ME Wall Sit (adv. Weighted)
ME Pank (Adv. Weighted)
ME Hang (Adv. Weighted)

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