Saturday, July 22, 2017

“The Blob-bell” (alternative name: Kata-BAR-i Damacy)

The barbells have turned into Blobs (like from that one movie with the Blob in it…), they’re rolling around consuming all the weights in the gym and growing larger and larger. This is a problem due to the finite number of weights and the natural progression in these situations for the beasts to move on to human flesh after exhausting their original food source. They have but one weakness — Concussive blasts. So, it is up to you and your team to stymie the growth of these Blob-bells by smacking them around with great rapidity.

The Blob-bell hungers for weights that are only slightly smaller than it is. So it will begin by consuming the smallest weights, growing in size, and then progressing to heavier and heavier weights. It’s up to you and your team to keep the most appetizing weights away from it while your teammates beat it up. This will minimize its growth and maximize your wholloping.

In teams of 3 or 4 complete the following:

Each team will be given a pair of 45lb Plates, a pair of 25lb plates, 15’s, and 10’s. During each of the following AMRAP’s one teammate will do as many reps as possible of the listed movement while the remaining teammates run 400m carrying the pair of listed plates. The weights may be carried by one or more people (i.e. one person may carry both 10lb weights, two people may each carry one 15lb plate, or two people may carry a 45lb plate together).

The plates may not be inside at anytime during the AMRAP’s except to hand them off to a different team member. Teammates may also change who is doing the listed movement (thrusters, HPC, etc.) at any time. Teams may jointly lift the barbells (e.g. multiple people may work together to lift the deadlift bar) to complete their reps for the Front Squats or Deadlifts, but must make sure to satisfy the Run condition as well.

Push Press w/empty barbell
Run w/10lb plates

Thruster w/barbell + 10’s
Run w/15lb plates

Hang Power Cleans w/barbell + 10’s and 15’s
Run w/25lb plates

Front Squats w/barbell + 10’s, 15’s, and 25’s.
Run w/45lb plates


Deadlifts w/all plates
RUN FOR YOUR LIVES (… for 400m at a time)

Team scores are the total number of reps completed across all rounds.

The team with the highest score has successfully defeated its Blob-bell.

All other teams are consumed.

Game over.


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