Friday, July 14, 2017

Class addition to the CrossFit Homeward Schedule!  A competition prep class will be added to the schedule starting Monday (7/17) at 7am.  It will be every week Monday 7am, Thursday 4pm (skill work) and Thursday 5pm (metcon and competition skill test).  These classes will all be led by Coach Mitchell Osborne, who has been to Sectionals/Regionals 6 times and the Games! We will also have a beat down style workout Sunday 11:30-1pm that is self led (no coach).   

3 Rounds (12 min cap):
Run 200m
20 DU
5 Burpees

4 Hang Squat Cleans
8 Push Jerk
12 T2B

Rest 5 mins

4 Deadlift
40 DU

Rest 2

4 Ring Row
4 Ring Dip

Rest 2

100 kb Swings**
— EMOM 2 Burpees (Adv. 5)


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