Saturday, July 1, 2017

In Teams of 4 Complete the following:

Each team must assign partners so that every team of 4 athletes is comprised of 2 pairs of 2 people. Partners may not be changed once the workout begins.

For the below, each team must decide which pair is to complete which station — One pair will complete ONLY Station 1 and the other will complete ONLY Station 2. The pairs do NOT switch stations.

Section 1 — 12 min cap

Station 1: 300 Air Squats
Partner A will perform Air Squats. Partner B will run 200m. When Partner B returns, switch roles.

Station 2: 200 Pushups
Partner A will perform Pushups. Partner B will hold their chin over the bar while hanging from the rig. When Partner B drops, switch roles.

Rest 3 mins

For section 2, follow the same rules as above: Choose a pairing to complete each station. One pair will complete station 3 and the other will complete station 4.

Section 2 — 12 min cap

Station 3: 300 Kb Swings
Partner A will perform Kb Swings. Partner B will hold the bottom of a squat. When Partner B rests, switch roles.

Station 4: 100 Power Cleans
Partner A will perform Power Cleans. Partner B will hold their PC bar at the top of a Deadlift. When Partner B drops, switch roles.

Rest 3 mins

Complete the below as a team of 4 with two people working at a time:

Section 3 — 12 min cap
Team Fran
84 – 60 – 36

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