Member Spotlight: Jacqi Linville

Hello Homies,

Meet Jacqi Linville. Many of you already have because she has been with Homeward since we first opened! She is usually in the gym first thing in the morning with a smile. Jacqi is a great example of someone who manages to fit steady CrossFit in with a super busy work, school, and life schedule. She can be quiet (at least until you get to know her!) so be sure to stop by the 6am and say Hi!

Age? 29

Occupation? Clinical Support Technician (basically a nursing assistant and unit secretary)

Where are you from? I am originally from south side of Chicago, Il. from a town called Oak Forest.

Have you played sports in the past? I grew up swimming competitively up through high school and then in collage started running.

How long have you done CrossFit? I started crossfit in May 2013 (I think?). So around 4 years.

How did you hear about CrossFit? When I was in graduate school in Boone, NC the local gym was starting to experiment with a Crossfit like class and the instructor mentioned that he was going to get certified to instruct actual Crossfit classes. So that is where I originally learned about the concept.

What made you take the plunge? I had run a full marathon in early May of 2013 and knew that I couldn’t keep up the distance running if I wanted to keep healthy knees, so I looked up Crossfit gyms and saw that one had opened up at University Mall. I called and talked with the owner and the next morning I attended my first (of many) 6 am WODs.

What has CrossFit done for you?  Crossfit has allowed me to meet so many great people from all different walks of life. Some that have become lifelong friends. It has also helped me manage my stress through both working out and just having people to talk too. I never realized, until I started coming to a smaller gym, how nice it was to just have someone ask you how you are or even say “hey” when you walk in.

What is your favorite movement? What is your least favorite?

 Jacqi and her brother!

Jacqi and her brother!

  • Least Favorite: Overhead squat
  • Favorite: Double Unders

What is your favorite Crossfit moment? What is your least favorite moment?

  • Favorite: Whenever my brother and I are together (he lives in Albany) we either try out a crossfit gym that is local to the area or come up with our own WOD for that day and workout together.
  • Least: I think having really fun member’s move away, always makes me sad.

What would you tell others about CrossFit? Do not knock it till you try it.

Why CrossFit Homeward? The amazing coaching staff, owners, and members. I think the family like and supportive environment that this gym provides makes it feel like a second home.

What are your interests outside of CrossFit? I love to cook and drink coffee. I am currently finishing up nursing school and excited to start a new career path this coming May (this consumes most of my life right now).

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