Member Spotlight: Laura Raduenz

Hi. My name is Laura Raduenz. I am 55. I have a list of things I want to do before I die… things I want to do so that I have no regrets at the end of my life. I started my Life List when I was in my teens and have used it as a major tool to guide my life. My WHY is … To choose to Think Big and manifest my dreams & best self so that I can inspire and help others do the same. So, my Life List and my Why go together…. I am always working on manifesting something on my list.

 Laura and Lucia coming in first place at Festivus Fall 2017 CrossFit competition! Team name-The Unit

Laura and Lucia coming in first place at Festivus Fall 2017 CrossFit competition! Team name-The Unit


In my 40s I started running because Running a Marathon was on my list for over 10 years and the Universe gave me some signs to get on that! I loved training for it and doing it so much I decided to run another, and another, and so on. I really got into long distance running and loved it …. until I didn’t. Boredom set in and the Universe led me to CF! I love doing more than I think I can, and … we do that every day at CF! I have been doing CF for 5 years and just never get bored. My body likes to be really active and I thrive on CF over-the-top workouts. I love the mental toughness and resilience required. My secret mantra to myself is Relish the Battle! With a smile, a laugh, and joy, of course. If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right. I also really like how we, individually, can follow the programming for all around awesomeness or specialize in some area within CF that excites and inspires us. Right now the Universe is telling me to get back outside and run! So, I am training for a Half Marathon in March 2018, the Tar Heel 10 Miler in April 2018, and of course, the CF Open in March 2018. I also plan to do a Spartan Obstacle Race next year. I will officially be in the masters section of the CF Open next year and look forward to the lighter weights! We have such an amazing box at CF Homeward. I am grateful and delighted to be part of the positive vibe in the community, role models in my coaches & fellow athletes, daily access to skilled caring coaches, great equipment, and an owner that is in tune with her community and a smart business woman. Thank you Donna!

A few other things I’ve checked off my Life List…

  • Education. BBA (Accounting), MBA, CPA, CIA. I love learning.
  • Take the Road Less Traveled. My husband and I quit our jobs to sail around the world. We made it as far as New Zealand, fell in love with the country, and stayed for 15 years. We sailed from Florida thru the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Galapagos, Tuamotos, Tahiti, Moorea (our favorite island), BoraBora, Tonga, to NZ on our 37 ft sailboat.
  • Travel to Central & South America, Australia, Europe, South Pacific, our USA states.
  • Experience living in the country away from it all. A 10 acre farm in NZ for 5 years.
  • Experience living on the beach. We bought & ran a B&B on 90 Mile Beach in NZ for 5 years.
  • Experience living in the woods to observe the seasons. Our current house in Hillsborough is on 10 acres of mature woodlands.
  • Experience living on a boat. Sail over the horizon. We lived aboard our 37 ft sailboat for 5 years in FL & NZ. We lived aboard our 35 ft catamaran sailboat in Hawaii for 2 years.
  • CF Level 1 Certification. In case I ever moved to a small town where there was no CF Box, I could open my own!
  • Certified Life Coach. I found I was coaching people about their Life List at our B&B breakfast table, so I just got certified so I could do it professionally. This is my PASSION! I love to help others Think Big and Do Big Things.
  • Retire early. I’ve been retired for over 5 years and grateful I can do this. Time freedom is precious.
  • Live simply

Still on my Life List …

  • An African Safari (2019)
  • A Cirque du Soleil show (2018 in Las Vegas)
  • Make the top 200 in my CF Open masters age group!
  • Grow Old Gorgeously! CF is my tool to help me with this!

My strengths…

  • sled pushes, box jumps (step ups)
  • organization skills
  • positive thinking
  • an awesome cookie baker
  • playfulness

My weaknesses…

  • pushups, pullups, rope climbs, thrusters
  • slow runner
  • general cooking skills are really lousy

So, stop me at the gym and tell me what’s on Your Life List! I would LOVE to talk to you about that…

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