Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween (tomorrow)! We hope your holiday is filled with many frightening gainz! To prepare for Tuesday’s WOD, check out the article on rope climbs tips and tricks HERE.

4 Rounds:
8 Kip Swings
4/4 hanging shoulder circles
8 Pushups

~15 mins Rope Climb Skill work
– Foot locking
– Climbing
– Legless
– etc.

10 kb Snatch L. Arm
40m Waiter’s carry L. Arm
12 kb clean+Press L. Arm
60m Front rack Carry L. Arm
14 kb swings L. Arm
80m Farmer’s Carry L. Arm
Repeat on R. Arm

Optional Cashout:
3 Rounds:
8/8 Side-lying Windmills
8 PVC shoulder passes
:30/:30 Pec minor Smash


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